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Goji Berry (Wolfberries)

In the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD), the use of the plant as a tonic increased after a poet said: “it tastes like sweet dew and promotes longevity with a spoon’s chew.” In the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 AD), commoners made it a tribute food and they sent it to the Imperial Court frequently. In China circulates some short funny stories about goji:

“The simple traveller walked through the village of Si-che when his attention was caught by a special scene. A twenty-one-year-old girl was beating an old grey man with a stick. The wanderer wanted to stand up for him because he thought he was about 80 years old. So he asked her why she beats the old man. The young lady replied that she is the granddaughter of that man and that she is angry with him because he does not want to drink her herbs for longevity and therefore looks so old. The wanderer asked how old they are. The girl replied that she is 380 years old. He did not dare to ask how old her grandfather is. They said that all of their lives, they ate mostly goji diet.”

I love raisins of any kind. My grandma put them almost into everything they fit into… She is not here anymore, because she would be over 100 by now. But maybe if she has used goji instead of ordinary raisins…who knows.

So give them a try…

U can use goji berries instantly and in the same way as raisins or you can use them you know half-half. They fit into both sweet and salty recipes. You can also make tea from them or add them to the tea. The flavour is sweet and neutral, energy is warm and enters the liver, lungs and kidneys meridians. U can use goji when you feel some kind of weakness in your knees or weakness in general. It is useful if you suffer from tinnitus (the continuous sound in the ears) or if you tend to faint…etc.

Tinnitus is an extremely difficult condition to treat and the results with acupuncture and herbs are not the best. However, it is always worth trying as Western medicine has almost nothing to offer. Goji can help to alleviate the symptoms a bit especially if tinnitus is caused by Kidney deficiency. It is also important for the patient to avoid eating dairy products and take adequate rest.

There are no contraindications in here, just try to avoid it when you are cold or you suffer from diarrhoea. You should be careful even when you are using warfarin or other medication for blood thinning.

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