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Okra Soup

This soup, in my opinion, fits both summer and the Indian summer. Thanks to okra, tomatoes and eggplants this dish is quite cool in nature.

You will need:

500g of beef
2 bigger potatoes
1 onion sliced on wheels
100 g of butter (or healthier olive oil)
3-4 tomatoes
1 large red pepper
100 g of okra
2 eggplants
100 g green beans
coriander, basil, parsley, salt, pepper

Rinse the meat, cut into cubes and put it into the large pot. Add about 1 litre of cold water and boil on a mild flame for about half an hour. In another pot sauté the onions with the knob of butter, and add the chopped tomatoes, red pepper, salt and pepper. Remove the meat from the broth and simmer for a while, along with tomatoes. Pour hot broth over the mixture and add the remaining chopped vegetables. For a better taste, try to first bake eggplants over a gas stove or in the oven for a short time. Add the diced eggplant to the soup and cook it slowly until everything is soft. Finally, add fresh herbs.
Serve with toasted bread.

Okra (or ladies fingers) from the TCM point of view:

The taste of okra is slightly bitter and its nature is cold. It enters the meridians of the stomach and liver. It helps with hot-type health problems and removes toxicity from heat. We can use it for example in sunburn (externally) or alleviate signs of heatstroke (internally). It successfully relieves people suffering from eczema or thanks to its bitterness relieves also cough and asthma. Helps with constipation from full fire, pain and redness of the eyes, okra also suppresses swelling. Used externally relieves itching and pain caused by insect bites.

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