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The Ritual of Dao – Cosmetics Review

Aromatherapy from a TCM standpoint is, to some degree, unexplored territory. Unlike in Chinese herbology, where there is a general consensus on herb’s properties and the traditional formulas, the use of essential oils is wide open. When I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was surprising to me that there are just a few relevant sources on this topic out there. I started my own research in order to find out how to mix my own blends to reproduce the indications of traditional herbal formulas. I’m trying to follow all the principles of TCM, Yin Yang and the Five elements theory. However, I am still in the process of learning.

I believe that aromatherapy could at least partially substitute acupuncture e.g. in children’s treatment. Therefore I would like to return to this topic in later posts. But now I want to share something a little different with you.

There are just a few cosmetics brands, that are trying to care not only for the body from the outside but in a sense also for the spirit. By chance, I came across products from Rituals cosmetics, which is deeply inspired by Eastern wisdom, philosophy and medicine.

I am rather sceptical in this respect, but their cosmetics have convinced me. The surprise was delightful. The products of this company can be seen on their site here. They are luxurious yet affordable. I personally fell in love with the Rituals of Dao collection, which is based on two main components: White Lotus and Job’s tears (Yi Yi Ren). About Job’s tears, you can read on my blog here. Job’s tears essential oil has a functional use rather than aromatic in aromatherapy blends.

It clears acne, relieves swelling and lowers blood pressure. When combined with other essential oils, may be used to reduce chronic weakness and fatigue. In TCM, the lotus flower is used for treating irritability and fevers and it is a symbol of spiritual growth. A combination of these two herbs has an overall calming effect. You can see a body cream in the photo. It has a very gentle and inspirational scent. I was pleasantly surprised that all collections of Rituals also include interior perfumes, fragranced sticks and scented candles. This makes it easy to create an atmosphere of integrity. I warmly recommend that you test these cosmetics by yourself. Choose according to needs and preferences. It would be nice if you share your experience with me.

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Body Cream, 7.44 fl. oz. (Amazon.com)

RITUALS The Ritual of Dao Body Cream 220 ml (Amazon.co.uk)

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