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Miniature Zen Garden as a Hypertension Therapy

Consequently, various disorders appear. They are the so-called psychosomatic disorders. Because the main reasons are psychologically related, many patients can not be cured by a conventional method. Chinese medicine as one of the holistic healing systems, emphasises a complex approach. Treatment of a particular problem involves not only the use of herbs, acupuncture, physical exercises and dietetics. Chinese medicine also uses art therapy and similar methods that can affect the free flow of chi in a positive way.

There are two kinds of hypertension: essential and secondary. 90 per cent of all hypertension patients are of type I which is directly related to the living environment, psychological pressure etc. While type II is caused by other diseases. According to TCM, blood pressure is closely related to the function of the liver, which is responsible for our emotional and spiritual life. The liver has the function of smoothing and regulating the flow of vital energy and blood. The spiritual and emotional changes can easily make the chi vital energy of the liver stagnant, and liver disease can also bring about mental and emotional abnormalities. Too much mental pressure will easily lead to high blood pressure. We should aim to calm the excessive excitement of the brain and harmonize the mind.

It is proven that the mere photos of Japanese dry landscape gardens near Zen temples can calm the mind and lower the blood pressure, with their peaceful arrangements of rocks, gravel, moss and bonsais. Imagine how nice it would be to have such a place of your own. If you have an opportunity to create a full-sized garden, e.g. in your backyard, for inspiration and instruction, you can turn to Sakuteiki, the 11th-century Japanese garden design manual that describes how to create the harmonious landscape of a dry rock garden.

Not all of us own ground to establish a Japanese garden. You can nevertheless create a tiny garden even in your city apartment. Try e.g. these ideas I have found around the web…

DIY Zen Gardens + Zen Garden Design Ideas

Mini Zen Garden


To make yourself comfortable already during the building of the garden, pour a cup of fragrant green tea with a few chrysanthemum blossoms and put some lavender essential oil into the diffuser. I swear that you will instantly feel much better.

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