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Chinese Medicine Treatment of Feline Leukaemia (FeLV)

I’m a cat lover and would like to share a recent experience with you. It is said that cats have 9 lives. However, my good friend owns a tomcat named Loop who, unfortunately, suffers from feline leukaemia (FeLV). Although he is quite young (approx.5 years old), the prognosis is poor.

Cat leukaemia infection (FeLV)

is a virus that spreads among felines and has possibly deadly impacts. FeLV is transmitted between cats by close contact, via saliva and by sharing water or food. In the initial stage, the disease can only be diagnosed by blood tests. As it progresses, it may lead to neurologic disorders, kidney failure, arthritis and even cancer. A cat infected with FeLV usually shows signs of lethargy, fever, weight loss, loss of appetite and depression. The patients are usually treated with blood transfusions, immunotherapy, chemotherapy or antiviral medications. Survival time depends on how the infection progresses and the cat’s immune system.

Use of Coriolus versicolor in the treatment of FeLV

Chinese medicine plays an important role in pet care. This applies to China, Japan or Israel. In all these countries, TCM is very widespread. However, in our country, vet care isn’t inclined to use alternative healing methods.

I own acupuncture models of cats and dogs, but I am definitely not a vet. However, there was nothing to lose. I have read in a professional journal that the immunomodulatory fungus Coriolus versicolor (in English Turkey Tail) is used not only for humans but also for animals. In Japan and China, an extract of the fungus Coriolus versicolor is provided to patients undergoing either radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery to improve the patient’s immune system. We decided to try it and forced the cat to cooperate.

We were pleasantly surprised. After a week of use of the mushroom, the condition improved significantly, the cat had a much better mood and stopped vomiting. Although Coriolus versicolor is not able to eliminate the FeLV, I hope that it could prolong his life and cheer him and his owner up a little bit. I would like to share with you a short inspiring video that I hope will please you.

If you have a sick pet at home, I would like to encourage you to try to improve the quality of its life. MRL (Mycology Research Laboratories) developed a product called Corpet, especially for cats and dogs. If your animal is suffering from cancer, FeLV, etc., let me provide you with really reliable sources of information below. For studies on the use of Coriolus for humans and animals, please see the following links. These are expert articles, but I highly recommend reading them. If you have a chance, consult a veterinarian who does not only deal with conventional methods of treatment but also with holistic medicine.


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