Beet-root Salad

Beet-root Salad

Honestly, like a child, but in fact until my twenty-five, I hated red beet from the bottom of my heart. I had it connected to the school canteen. It was always cooked, diced and marinated in a kind of odd salty-sweet and sour marinade. I always felt like I was forced to eat clay…Fortunately, these reminiscences have disappeared over time.

You will need:

1 large beet (cooked or raw according to taste)
50 g of walnuts (pre-soaked, chopped)
approx. 200 g sour cream (or Greek type yoghurt)
salt, pepper, parsley

Grate the beetroot coarsely, add chopped nuts, salt, pepper, parsley, sour cream and mix gently. Serve garnished for example with the remaining sour cream.

from the TCM point of view:

strengthens the heart, soothes the spirit, promotes blood circulation and purifies the blood. It has a balanced nature and a sweet taste. It has a cleansing and strengthening effect on the liver. Therefore works very well against constipation and promotes smooth menstruation. In combination with carrot (which can be coarsely grated and also added to this salad) is used for balancing the hormonal imbalances during menopause. Because of its beneficial effect on the liver,  it has also a positive effect on the psyche, since the liver, if not totally well, causes many mental problems. Beet-root also contains a large amount of silicon that is important for hair growth.


are warm in nature and have a sweet taste. They strengthen the kidneys and lungs and relieve people suffering from asthma. They also work against constipation, lower back pain, beriberi, spontaneous semen leakage due to insufficient kidney function and help fight impotence. However, raw walnuts are not very digestible, so it is better to cook them briefly, soak in lukewarm water for two or three hours, or at least drizzle them with lemon juice. People with gallbladder problems and people suffering from chronic diarrhoea, or a damp cough, should rather avoid them or at least reduce their consumption.

I would recommend this recipe for liver problems (for example, during convalescence after jaundice) for anaemia and insomnia. In case of weak digestion, I would omit nuts and replace them with sunflower seeds. Also, with a high internal moisture and a weak yang, I would be careful with the nuts. In that case, I would also omit the sour cream and replace it with an olive oil dressing.

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