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Cauliflower soup with fennel, dill and cereal dumplings

Dietetics, but the whole teaching of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the constant balancing of the opposing forces of yin and yang and the effort to restore their balance when there are no extreme fluctuations leading to disease. Food, as one of the strongest everyday influences on our body and mind, should also not have a distinct effect in either direction. Raw food is one of the extremes, especially if it is consumed all year round. At the opposite pole are long baking and drying of food. According to the TCM, each food and method of preparation affects the mechanism of qi flow in our body.

Cauliflower soup with fennel, dill and cereal dumplings

(a variant for the use of summer vegetables with supplements for harmonization and protection of digestion)

We need:

1 smaller cauliflower,
a piece of celery,
half a bulb of fennel,
1 egg,
spelled semolina or polenta,
fresh dill,
a piece of butter orlittle quality oil,
or nutmeg,
a few drops of lemon juice.


Pour boiling water over the cleaned vegetables, lightly salt and cook with a few drops of lemon juice until soft. Meanwhile, mix the semolina into the beaten raw egg, if we have a gluten-free cereal, add a teaspoon of starch so that the dumplings do not boil. We can add a piece of chopped chilli pepper. Make a thick batter, make small dumplings with spoons and cook in boiling water for a few minutes. Pour over a colander. Mix the cooked vegetables with the broth, season with salt, cook briefly into finely chopped strips of raw fennel (just a few pieces), cover densely with dill and serve with dumplings. Drizzle with oil or add a teaspoon of butter. We will use nutmeg with greater chills and subsequent digestive problems.

Cauliflower – fresh in nature, sweet taste; tropism – spleen, the intestine.
Effects: Strengthens the spleen, and moisturizes the intestines.

Fennel – warm in nature and spicy taste; tropism – liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys.
Effects: Corrects qi, harmonizes the stomach, permeates the liver

Dill – warm nature, hot taste; tropism – spleen, kidneys, stomach.
Effects: Warms yang, dissipates cold, stirs up stagnant qi.

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