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Mung bean soup

In the warmest period of the year, we naturally have an increased need for refreshment, cooling and replenishment of fluids. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, however, it is important not to damage the internal harmony of organs with excessive cold and the amount of fluids that our body can no longer process when replenishing Yin.

The reward will be beautiful hair, supple skin without swelling, graceful movement, good eyesight, a healthy colour on the face, a radiant smile after a good night’s sleep and a positive mood of the mind.

What benefits the spleen?

Regularity, light and dull diet (without extreme flavours), briefly cooked, naturally sweet taste, rice, cereals, cooked meat, vegetables, legumes, a reasonable amount of seasonal fruit, a small amount of seasonal seeds and nuts, a small amount of spices, warm breakfast.

What hurts the spleen?

Inadequacies – irregularity, overeating, starvation, extremes – frozen (ice cream, frozen ingredients), hot, grilled, raw vegetables (especially fruit – tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant) and raw fruits (watermelon) in excessive quantities, cold and ice drinks, sweet beverages, fruit and vegetable juices, citrus, seaweed, sweets, desserts, dairy products, processed products, beer and fruit, cold or no breakfast.

Even in summer, the most suitable daily dish is porridge and soup with a selection of suitable refreshing ingredients and other additions as needed. Enjoy ripening fruit in small quantities and always add fresh leafy salads to cooked meals or briefly cooked vegetables. Your spleen will reward you with proper functioning, and transformation and your body with overall vitality.

Mung bean soup

(for the addition of sprouted beans, soak them about 3 days in advance)
This is probably one of the simplest soups, at the same time healthy and still very cheap.

You will need:

mung beans,
soup vegetables or vegetable broth,
quality oil,
rice semolina


We germinate a part of mung beans in advance. First, rinse them and soak them in a glass of cold water overnight. The beans will rise, so it is best to count on a jar into which you pour about 2 cm of dry legumes. Rinse them 2-3 times with cold water every day and drain the water. On the third day, you will see small sprouts. They are most delicious with a key length of 2-3 cm. Later, they become bitter. So, first for the soup, first, soak the beans in cold water for about 1 hour. Drain the water and cook until soft together with vegetables or vegetable broth and Satureja. Mix until smooth, we can thicken with rice grits, cook lightly and season with salt. Add sprouted rinsed mungo to the plate and drizzle with quality oil.

Mung beans – cold nature, sweet taste. Tropism – heart, stomach. Effects: Purifies summer heat, removes moisture, removes toxicity

Properties of Chinese medicine can be found here Mungo Beans Hangover Soup.

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