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Autumn breakfast

Although Chinese dietetics set recommendations rather than strict bans, it is clear that it is appropriate for our population to limit excessive amounts of white flour, dairy products, sweets and frequent frying. Many people still can’t imagine cooking and eating without these foods, and the first time they come across completely new flavours in the form of tofu, miso, breakfast, and Job’s-tears. Recipes do not contain a large number of ingredients due to the freedom to adjust to the needs of the individual.


In the autumn, it is advisable to expand the fluids of the lungs and close the pores against the cold with a slightly sour and tight taste. For cold people (yang xu), we heat more and strengthen the yang using warming and slightly hot spice. For people with excess heat, it is advisable to remove the remnants of moisture and heat from the body.

Autumn breakfast

(suitable for cleansing the lungs before the onset of cold and dry air and before immersing qi in the deeper layers of the body, with more mucus and better long-grain rice).

You will need:

250g round grain rice
1 bunch of radishes, sliced 
225g Agaricus campestris (fresh mushrooms,)
parsley leaves – smooth, (basil, thyme)

ghee clarified butter
a few drops of lemon juice,
horseradish wasabi
cheese Grana Padano


Boil salt-free rice beforehand. Cut fresh mushrooms into larger pieces, put in a pan with a non-stick surface for a small amount of melted ghee and fry quickly and briefly, add sliced radishes, sprinkle with parsley and quickly stir in warm rice, just briefly heat, set aside and season with salt and lemon juice. Sprinkle with grated horseradish wasabi(omit stomach heat). The best I have used cheese is Grana Padano. Mamma mia!

Analysis according to TCM:

Round grain rice – warm nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, stomach, lungs. – fresh nature, hot and sweet taste, tropism – lungs, stomach.
Effects: purifies heat, converts mucus, replenishes fluids, and helps digest food.
Mushroom – fresh nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, stomach, lungs.
Effects: moisturizes drought, transforms mucus (dry cough), strengthens the spleen, replenishes qi.
Parsley – weakly warm nature, hot, bitter and salty taste, tropism – not found.
Effects: promotes digestion, promotes urination, and dries moisture.
Citron – cold nature, sour taste, tropism – stomach, liver, lungs.
Effects: cleanses the summer heat, gives birth to fluids, harmonize the stomach, and transforms hot mucus.

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