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Celery soup with petioles or leek, teardrop and adzuki

Celery soup with petioles or leek, teardrop and adzuki are suitable for the need to remove moisture from the body (sweating, urination, drying) before the cold winter season. The combination of both celeries is thermodynamically balanced.

If necessary, one of them can prevail, petiolate with concomitant heat and burning when urinating or acne. With other addictions, we target various effects, we add leeks for yang xu and the need to stir qi, to intensify joint pain with cold and swelling, we add parsley root. We use this soup for a short time for medical purposes and we gradually aim to prevent sweating and harmonization according to the constitution of each individual.

For persons of the constitution, yin xu is inappropriate !!! Drying slimming people with red tongue with scratches, without signs of moisture in the body.

We need:

¼ celery bulbs,
2 celery petioles,
possibly leeks,
parsley root,
a small cup of tears,
a small cup of adzuki beans,
a few drops of oil,
fresh ginger for surface oedema is also possible – cook briefly.

Beans, teardrop and rice will greatly increase their volume, so use them only slightly. To protect our healthy fluids, we will use long grain rice to supplement yin.


Firstly soak the adzuki beans for at least 1 hour. Drain the water from the soaking and boil it in new water until soft. Rinse the teardrop, leave it soaked for about 1 hour and cook in the same water until soft, the beans with the teardrop can be cooked together, it is only necessary to observe different adjustments before cooking. We always add spices to legumes, Satureja has worked for me. When they are semi-soft, we add rinsed rice, later grated celery, sliced ​​celery and other vegetables of your choice, salt, cook until soft. Drizzle on a plate with quality oil and sprinkle with fresh leeks.

Recommended max. Twice a day according to the development of the condition, not for a long time.

Analysis according to TCM:

Adzuki – neutral nature, sweet and sour tastes; tropism – heart, small intestine, kidneys. Effects: Purify heat, stir up blood blockage, dissipate moist heat.

Celery root – warm nature, sweet taste; tropism – lungs, stomach, spleen, kidneys.Effects: Strengthens the spleen, nourishes the stomach, benefits the kidneys, relieves headaches from the wind, eliminates wind and moisture.

Celery – cold in nature, sweet and bitter in taste; tropism – stomach, spleen, liver, bladder. Effects: Relieves liver tightness, harmonizes the stomach and digestion, promotes sweating, promotes urination

Leek – warm nature, hot taste; tropism – lungs, liver (kidneys). Effects: Supplements the yang of the kidneys, replenishes qi, dissolves blood stagnation, expels cold, drains water by urinating, promotes sweating

Teardrop – fresh nature, sweet and dull taste; tropism – spleen, stomach, lungs. Effects: Strengthens the spleen, remove external and internal moisture, cleanses the heart.

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