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Brussels sprouts with brynza and walnuts

The theory of the five elements – “wood, fire, earth, metal and water” – is, like the yin-yang theory, an ancient philosophical concept used to explain the order and phenomena of the physical universe. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of the five elements is used to interpret the relationships between the physiological and pathological states of the human body and the natural environment. The five elements according to this theory are subject to constant movement and change, and their interdependence and mutual control explain the complex connection between material objects and the unity between the human body and the natural world.

Fire: drought, heat, flare, rise, movement, etc.
Wood: budding, elongation, flexibility, harmony, flexibility, etc.
Metal: strength, stiffness, splitting, cutting, cleaning, etc.
Earth: growth, change, nutrition, creation, etc.
Water: humidity, cold, drop, flow, etc

Brussels sprouts with brynza and walnuts prepared by the method according to the five

(Suitable for overall strengthening of the body, carefully with brynza in moist heat Shire, gallbladder problems and retention of Retan.)

We need:

1 lb. Brussels sprouts halved
1 sour apple
brynza made in the traditional way
a little butter
a few drops of honey
or cereal (boiled spelt, couscous)


For the final effect of harmonization according to the five flavours and elements, it is important to follow the order of addition of individual ingredients. As much as we love Brussels sprouts, the speed and ease can’t be beaten. Next, use a paring knife to remove the stem, then use your fingers to pull off any yellow or damaged outer leaves. Et voila, a perfectly cleaned sprout!

We start by heating a pan with a non-stick surface (fire), adding cleaned and sliced ​​Brussels sprouts (fire), frying for a while, then a piece of butter (earth), roughly crushed walnuts (earth), let softly, lightly pepper (metal), lightly salt (water), add peeled sliced ​​sour apple (wood), or boiled spelt or couscous (wood), sprinkle with crushed sheep brynza (fire) and lightly drip honey (earth) on a plate. The heat treatment should not take long, the Brussels sprouts should be beautifully green and crunchy slightly.
We wish you good taste!

Brussels sprouts – warm nature, sweet, bitter, hot taste. Tropism – lungs, stomach. Effects: drains the water, and cold mucus from the lungs, and harmonizes the stomach.
Apple – fresh nature, sweet and sour taste. Tropism – spleen, stomach. Effects: cleanses heat, gives birth to fluids, and harmonizes digestion.
Brynza – warm nature, sweet taste. Tropism – heart, stomach. Effects: strengthens the centre, warms the heart, and gives birth to fluids. (The cheese is concentrated, salty brynza, therefore only a reasonable amount, in excess it supports the formation of hot mucus. Bryndza cheese is creamy white in appearance, known for its characteristic strong smell and taste.)
Walnuts – warm nature, sweet taste. Tropism – kidneys, lungs, large intestine. Effects: replenish the essence of the kidneys, soothe shortness of breath, moisturize the intestines.
Spelt – warm nature, sweet taste. Tropism – spleen. Effects: strengthens the spleen, moisturizes dry, nourishes yin.

Salt – cold in nature, salty taste. Tropism – kidneys, bladder. Effects: softens hard, cleanses heat, attacks from below.
Pepper – hot nature, hot taste. Tropism – stomach, large intestine. Effects: heats the middle. stops pain, and transforms mucus.
Honey – slightly warm nature, sweet taste. Tropism – lungs, spleen, large intestine. Effects: strengthens the middle radiator, stops abdominal cramps from emptiness, moisturizes the lungs and intestines

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