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Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage & Liver Dumplings

The flagship menu prepared could certainly be, for example, a roast duck with cabbage and dumplings, and the festive Sunday lunch would probably be preceded by beef broth with liver dumplings. Now let’s break down both dishes ‘in Chinese”

Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage

By roasting, the originally neutral duck gets a plus in nature, but the counterweight is cabbage (or with an apple), for which nature does not change much by cooking.

Wash the duck, salt it inside and stuff it with apples mixed with onions. Sprinkle with cumin.
Pour a glass of water and bake. Bake for 2.5 hours at 175 ° C.

This recipe is for quickly cooked cabbage. Fry the finely chopped onion in oil, add the cabbage and sauté. Season with cumin, salt and pepper, or sugar and vinegar. Sprinkle with flour and simmer briefly.

Aromatic cumin and onions help convert tan. In short, I can say roast duck with cabbage supplements yin in particular, strengthen the spleen and remove moisture. Only the side dish as dumplings (potato in our case) burdens us more – it adds yin (matter) and moisturizes. But isn’t that so bad, do you think?


Property – Sweet, slightly salt, neutral; lung, spleen and kidney meridians entered.
Actions – Tonify Qi and yin, induce diuresis and resolve to swell.
Indications – Edema, cough, consumptive disease, hectic fever due to yin deficiency.


Property – Sweet, cool.
Actions – Promote the secretion of body fluid and moisten the lung, relieve restlessness, stimulate appetite and dispel the effects of alcohol.
Indications – Abdominal distension after a meal, diarrhoea due to spleen deficiency, insobriety and thirst due to inadequate fluid.

Liver Dumplings


My mother-in-law makes the best liver dumplings in the world. And that’s the problem. Although I stick to her recipe with my teeth, nails and wooden spoons. I guess you know how the sentence can hurt: you know, darling, but it tastes different from your mother…

But beef broth with liver dumplings is a blessing for our spleen.

Although the binder in liver dumplings is not very beneficial flour, beef broth powerfully replenishes the spleen and stomach, replenishes blood and Qi warms the middle and benefits the eyes. And it is also delicious 🙂

200 g of beef liver (there may be others, such as pork, etc.)
1 egg
1 clove of garlic
2 carrots
½ teaspoon of salt
3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
a small pinch of freshly ground pepper

Make the liver, add garlic, carrot, eggs and spices and thicken with breadcrumbs.
We make dumplings, which we boil in water. Put the finished ones into the soup.


Property – Sweet; spleen and stomach meridians entered.
Actions  – Tonify the spleen and stomach, replenish Qi and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones.
Indications – Weakness of the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood deficiency, diabetes, oedema, abdominal mass, vomiting with diarrhoea, sores and weakness of waist and knees, consumptive disease

Now I will allow myself to repeat a few truths that we all know well, but still few observe when eating. When eating, we should focus on food. We should not read newspapers or watch TV and not argue with a partner at all. Chew each bite properly and do not drink too much during or after a meal. Have fun (and laugh) and taste good!

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