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Roasted turkey meat with rosehips sauce

(for winter replenishment of the organism, unsuitable for acute illness)

I have a new recipe for a rosehip full of vitamin C. Rosehips are one of the best sources of vitamin C in the world. I will be happy if you write to me in the comments about how you liked it.

We need:

boneless turkey meat,
small carrots,
a piece of celery,
a concentrated decoction of rosehips,
a little tomato puree,
bay leaf,
millet flour,


We collect the rosehips by hand, for therapeutic effects it is important to remove internal seeds, and hairs and dry them. Rosehips soak overnight in cold water to immerse them and cook for about 30 minutes. Mash and let it leach again for about 2 hours, then strain through a cloth, and squeeze.

Put the washed meat, sliced carrots, onions, and celery into a baking dish with a lid, add salt and quickly put under the grill (without the lid). Then pour rose hips decoction, add bay leaf, and a few cloves and bake slowly under the lid until soft. Carefully remove the meat, catch the whole spice, mix the vegetables, add a little tomato puree, thicken with millet flour, cook until smooth, and season with cinnamon, salt and pepper. Serve with a side dish according to taste.

Turkey meat – warm nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, stomach, kidneys. Effects: warms the middle, strengthens the spleen, stomach and kidneys, replenishes qi and blood, replenishes the essence.
Rosehip – neutral in nature, sour and sticky tastes, tropism – spleen, kidneys, bladder. Effects: strengthen the essence, tighten urine, roughen the intestines, and stop diarrhoea.
Millet – fresh nature, sweet and salty taste, tropism – spleen, stomach, kidneys. Effects: strengthen the spleen and kidneys, stop thirst, and remove moisture.
Cinnamon – hot nature, hot and sweet flavours, tropism – heart, kidneys, liver, spleen. Effects: replenishes mingmenhuo, warms the spleen, dissipates cold, warms and promotes qi and blood production.

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