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Korean-style fried tofu

I also prepared a Korean-style fried that I want to eat when I want to add stamina or when I’m tired.
It is spicy and sweet, so it tastes good. If you’re not a big fan of pork, use chicken or beef, and to make a vegetarian version, use mushrooms instead of meat and use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.
It’s really delicious, so I can’t stop topping up (laughs)

We need:

400g – Pork loin
1 tsp – Sugar
Daisho Aji Shio Kosho – Salt and Pepper

Potato starch
1 piece (160g ) – Atsu-age (Deep Fried Tofu)
3 pcs – Potatoes
Sesame oil
Soy sauce, mirin, sugar, oyster sauce
Honey, gochujang, sesame oil

Ginger and garlic (grated)


Pork loin sprinkles with sugar and rubs in until the texture disappears. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and pepper and an appropriate amount of potato starch on the whole. Potatoes after peeling it, cut it into 4 pieces, soak it in water and put it in a colander.  Atsu-age cut it in half, cut it into small pieces, and sprinkle it with potato starch. Add thick fried tofu and stir fry without breaking.

Put sesame oil in a warm frying pan, add hot potatoes and fry. When the potatoes are clear, add pork loin and fry.
When the meat is roughly cooked, add 2 tablespoons of sake, cover and steam over low heat for 3 minutes.  Soy sauce, mirin, sugar, oyster sauce 1 tablespoon each, honey, gochujang, sesame oil 1 teaspoon, ginger, garlic (grated).

Ok, all right that’s it it’s done!

Pork – Neutral nature, sweet and salty taste. Tropism – lungs, spleen, liver.
Effects: Replenishes yin and blood, moisturizes drought.
Potato – sweet and neutral.
Effects: Tonify qi, harmonize the stomach, strengthen the spleen, remove toxicity and resolve swelling.
Tofu –  sweet. Tonifies – qi, yin.
Effects: clears heat, eliminates toxins.


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