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Trout with steamed vegetables and coloured rice

Trout as a predatory freshwater fish is also suitable in summer. The warm weather “steals” qi from us, and if fatigue is combined with anorexia and weakened digestion, it is just easily digestible white meat suitable for strengthening the energy of the centre. Of course, it also depends on the appropriate preparation in steam or quick treatment of skinless flights using delicate vegetables and herbs. For healthy individuals, trout beautifully balances side dishes of raw salads, which you use with caution.

We need:

fresh trout,
coloured rice,
coriander stem,


You fly the cooked trout, you can use the cuttings to prepare the fine fish broth. Drizzle the fillets with lemon juice, sprinkle with coarsely chopped rosemary and store for a while. Meanwhile, cook the coloured rice (various types including wild) and mix it with fresh coriander. Heat a piece of butter in a pan and let it simmer for about 10 minutes into finely chopped vegetables, lightly salt and season with crushed cumin. Prepare the fish in steam or for a few minutes in a hot pan with a small amount of quality oil or butter (often both), the butter should not burn. Salt lightly before the end of the treatment.

Analysis according to TCM:

Trout – neutral to warm in nature, sweet taste; tropism – spleen, stomach. Effects: Supplements yang, harmonizes the spleen and stomach, dissipates cold.

Salt – cold in nature, salty taste; tropism – kidneys, bladder. Effects: Softens hard, cleanses heat, drains from below.

Leek – warm nature, hot taste; tropism – lungs, liver (kidneys). Effects: Replenishes the yang of the kidneys, replenishes qi, dissolves blood stagnation, expels cold, drains water by urinating, and promotes sweating.

Carrots – neutral in nature, sweet taste; tropism – spleen, liver, lungs. Effects: Replenishes the liver, improves eyesight, digests food, strengthens the spleen, and stops coughing.

Coriander – warm nature, hot taste; tropism – lungs, spleen. Effects: Triggers sweating, helps digest food, eliminates harmful substances through the skin.

Cumin – slightly warm in nature, slightly hot taste; tropism – kidneys, stomach. Effects: Strengthens the spleen and stomach, expels cold and wind, and cures cold abdominal pain.

Onions – warm nature, sharp and bitter taste; tropism – lungs, stomach, large intestine. Effects: Supplements yang, transforms mucus, opens the chest, contracts qi, supports intestinal qi.

Lemon – cold in nature, sour taste; tropism – stomach, liver, lungs. Effects: Purifies summer heat, gives birth to fluids, harmonizes the stomach, and transforms hot mucus.

Rosemary – warm nature, hot taste; tropism – lungs, stomach. Effects: Relaxes the surface, dissipates cold, stirs qi, opens the stomach.

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