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Strawberry custard dessert or a light snack

(for the pleasure of the taste of summer and juicy fruit, for children)

Strawberry fruit jelly is an excellent eggless dessert, especially on vacation. This delicious dessert is not only healthy but also requires very little cooking time and does not contain any fancy ingredients. You can easily do this in advance, cool and serve.

We need:

barley or wheat couscous,
cereal milk,
strawberries (or other fresh summer fruits),
dark cane sugar,
(lemon balm, mint)


Prepare couscous according to the instructions and mix with peeled and crushed almonds in a ratio of 3 parts couscous for 1 part almonds. Stack some of the fresh fruit on the bottom of the taller cups and stack the couscous with almonds. In a saucepan, we cook cereal milk with corn starch and a few sprigs of mint. Sweeten only slightly. After the mint thickens, remove it, pour the cream as another layer into the cups and let it harden in the cold for about 30 minutes. Prepare the agar according to the instructions with water or fruit juice you can make slightly sweeter it, but do not exaggerate. Pour the remaining fruit into the cups and pour over the slightly cooled agar, always with only a light layer.








Strawberry oatmeal risotto

Agar – cold in nature, sweet in taste; tropism – lungs, heart, colon.
Effects: Purifies lung and heart heat, thrives on haemorrhoids.
Dark sugar – warm nature, sweet taste; tropism – spleen, stomach.
Effects: strengthens the spleen, stops abdominal cramps.
Strawberries – neutral in nature, sweet and sour tastes; tropism – lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach.
Effects: Moisturize the lungs, give birth to fluids, replenish the liver and kidneys, strengthen the spleen

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