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Lavender tofu

At the turn of the season, when it rains a lot and the air pressure changes drastically, sleepless nights continue and it tends to be poor quality sleep. How about a good sleep recipe using lavender that is perfect for such a time? The scent of lavender makes you feel relaxed and invites a good night’s sleep. Using soy milk made from vegetable soy protein, the effect of soy isoflavone can be expected, and it is a recommended dish for vegans and vegetarians.

Lavender is a Labiatae plant that blooms with pretty purple flowers. In addition to being used as a talisman and amulet for a long time, it has been used as a sedative. In ancient Rome, it was used in baths to sterilize and relieve wounds. Dried small purple flowers can also be used as tea.

You will need:

250cc soy milk
2 tsp nigari (tofu)
1 tbsp dry lavender
finishing seasoning (salt, soy sauce) …


Soak dry lavender in 3 tablespoons of water. Put soy milk in a pot, add tofu and stir, and when thickened, transfer to a container. Cool and solidify in the fridge and finally smear with salt or olive oil.

Korean-style fried tofu can be found here.

Tofu –  sweet. Tonifies – qi, yin. Effects: clears heat, and eliminates toxins.
Lavender – Property – Pungent, cool. Actions – Clear heat and remove toxicity, expel wind and relieve itching.
Indications – Sore throat, scalds and burns, rubella, tongue boil, aphtha, dizziness, headache, scabies.

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