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Beverages for summer well-being and health…

Herbal tea is mostly composed of various traditional Chinese medicines, and its functions, indications and appropriate groups differ according to the various medicines used. Traditional Chinese medicine has the four qi “warm heat, cold and cold” and also has the healing principle of “hot is cold, cold is hot”. In response to the heat and humidity of a hot summer, herbal teas are usually made from cold and cooling products. In summer, yang is prosperous, and drinking herbal tea for one or two months to cool down the heat has little effect on the human body. However, after the beginning of autumn, the weather cools down and the yang chi begins to hide. At this time, you need to be careful when using herbal tea. People with a weak spleen and stomach and the elderly should take it for a shorter time and less often.

Drinks for eye problems

Lack of eye nutrition, eye fatigue (gan-shen yinxu, redder tongue, not pale with thick coating)

You will need:

6 g of Goji, goji berry, or wolfberry (gouqizi), 9 g of chrysanthemum flowers (juhua).


Pour the ingredients into a glass teapot and cover with boiled water, drink continuously warm and lukewarm, you can pour repeatedly.

Decoction for incipient burning urinary trouble, present heat above

– the mouth, canker sores, red tongue, explosiveness, agitation — and at the same time dark urine with burning.

You will need:

30 g of Job’s tears (yiyiren), celery stalks, red grapefruit, cranberries, and watermelon.


Rinse the Job’s tears and soak it in cold water (min. 15 minutes – an hour), boil it in the same water for at least 20 minutes, and add chopped celeriac at the end of the boil. Drain and mix with freshly squeezed juice from grapefruit. Boil dried cranberries (unsweetened) together with Job’s tears, and add fresh ones to the glass. Blend a piece of watermelon without seeds and mix it into the drink.

Summer drink for agitation and insomnia from heart and liver blood emptiness (xin gan xuexu)
You will need:

a bowl of forest fruit – raspberries, blueberries…, lavender flowers, a sprig of lemon balm, and a little dark sugar (maximum 1 teaspoon per portion of drink).


Rinse the lemon balm sprigs with cold water and soak them in boiled cooled water (cold infusion). Boil the cleaned fruit in a pot with water, you can sweeten it slightly, mix the lavender flowers into the hot mixture and leave it to cool under the lid. Strain, squeeze and mix with lemon balm extract. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint or honeydew and a sprig of lavender, drink warm or lukewarm in the afternoon.

Motion sickness drink (also suitable for children, especially with a pale tongue and frequent consumption of dairy products and ice cream)
We need:

rhizome of fresh ginger (thumb size), 2 spoons of dark sugar, and mint.


Wash the ginger, peel it and cut it into slices. Boil with sugar for about 20 minutes, at the end of cooking you can add a sprig of mint. Strain and pour while still warm into small resealable bottles. When travelling, we drink it unchilled in small sips. But it is important at the same time for children to give up ice creams, dairy products, cold drinks, heavy fried foods and sweets.
The replacement should be, for example, carrots, celeriac, white radish, apples, peaches, rice pudding with fruit, wholemeal pancakes with leafy vegetables, vegetable spreads with herbs and seeds, boiled lentil salad with sautéed vegetables, bulgur salad with fruit or vegetables and herbs.

Decoction of rose flowers for blood stasis and qi stagnation (xueyu, qizhi)
We need:

6 g (daily dose per person) of dried rose flower (meiguihua, Rosa rugosa), or rose hip flower.


– when cold in meridians + anise seeds, cinnamon, fennel;
– when the blood is empty (xuexu) + red berries;
– with heat in the blood (xuere) + mulberry fruit, mint (at ganyu, before menstruation);
– in case of humidity and fogging + tangerine peel (chenpi); it is also suitable in combination with green tea (we don’t cook) for mental well-being.


Soak the herb in cold water for 15 minutes and then boil in the same water for 20 minutes with the selected additions, only mint, anise and fennel are added up to the end of cooking (approx. 5 minutes).

Properties of goji from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine can be found here (Goji Berry (Wolfberries)
Properties of Job’s tears from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine can be found here( Job’s tears).

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