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Aubergine with kudzu

The place of origin of aubergine is in the eastern part of India. In India, people have cultivated it since prehistoric times. Then to China and Myanmar around the 5th century. It was introduced to Europe in the 13th century.
Mapo aubergine is a type of Chinese food that is “fish-flavoured aubergine” (魚香茄子) in Japanese, one of Sichuan cuisine. The decisive factor in the taste of aubergine is the perfect balance between the fragrant and soft aubergine and the thick soy meat. The trick to deep frying Chinese food is to fry it at a high temperature for a short period of time.

We need:

baby aubergine
soy meat
Soy sauce
Dashi soup
olive oil
green onion


Halve the lengthwise, cut it into quarters, salt and soak it in water for 20 minutes. Prepare the drained soy meat. Heat olive oil in a pan, fry the well-drained aubergines until lightly fried, drain the oil, put them in a colander, and rinse lightly with water. Add the dashi soup and soy meat to the pan, cook for about 4 minutes and add the soy sauce. Add kudzu to 5 and stir to make lumps. Return the aubergine to the thick soy meat, mix slowly, place on a plate and garnish with green onions.

Kudzu is shinier than potato starch and has a finer consistency. The sweetness in the kudzu broth and the soy sauce combined to create a sweet and spicy soy sauce flavour. If you want a more spicy taste, you can add chilli peppers.

Kudzu can be found here

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