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Vegetable Jelly

Vegetable jelly is a unique and tasty treat that is made by combining spinach juice and pea flour. It’s the perfect balance of healthy and delicious! Now, you might be wondering how this amazing creation came about. Well, in China, there is a long history of using vegetables in desserts. They believe in the concept of balance and incorporating wholesome ingredients into their meals and treats. So, vegetable jelly is just another example of their culinary creativity.

You will need:

pea flour
spinach juice
soy sauce
sesame seeds,
chilli sauce,
olive oil,
Apple cider vinegar


Measure out 100 grams of pea flour. Add 200 grams of water and mix evenly. Put 400 grams of spinach juice in a pot and add 3 grams of salt. Turn on the heat and stir the powder slurry evenly in the pot, turn on high heat and stir in one direction, it will get thicker and thicker, then change to medium and low heat and continue to stir evenly. After cooking, it is crystal clear and transparent.
Pour into containers and let cool separately. After two hours, you can cut it into pieces using a mould.

Sauce: Appropriate amount of light soy sauce, sesame seeds, chilli sauce, vinegar, oil, minced garlic, mix well. Pour sauce over. Mix well and serve.

Spinach herb with root
Property – Sweet, neutral; liver, stomach, small intestine and large intestine meridians entered.
Actions – Tonify blood and stop bleeding, calm the liver and moisten dryness.
Indications – Nose bleeding, dizziness, hot eyes, haemorrhoid, diabetes, headache, hematochezia, nyctalopia, constipation.

Spinach can be found here

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