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Tomatoes stuffed with cheese

Armenia never disappoints when it comes to its delicious cuisine. Whether you are a foodie or just someone who likes good food, the flavours and dishes of Armenia are sure to leave you satisfied. One dish you definitely have to try is stuffed tomatoes. I filled these juicy tomatoes with a spicy mixture and fresh curd that creates flavours with every bite.

You will need:

2 tomatoes
fresh cottage cheese
cheddar cheese


Remove the tomato stems and wash them thoroughly.
Then use a sharp knife to cut the top of the tomatoes (try to make a zigzag shape). Scoop out the inside of the tomatoes with a small spoon.
Place the fresh cottage cheese in a small bowl.
Stuff the cheese mixture into the tomatoes. Garnish with cheddar cheese. Serve with cucumber and basil.

Tomato – Property – Sweet, sour, slightly cold. Actions – Promote the secretion of saliva, relieve thirst, strengthen the spleen and promote digestion. Indications – Thirst and poor appetite.

Cucumber – Property – Sweet, cool; lung, spleen and stomach meridians entered.
Actions – Clear heat, induce diuresis and remove toxicity.
Indications – Scalds and burns, oedema with oliguria, thirst caused by fever, sweat stain, oliguria with dark urine.

Sweet Basil  – Property – Pungent, sweet, warm; lung, spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians entered.
Actions – Dispel wind and promote the flow of qi, eliminate dampness and promote digestion, activate blood and remove toxicity.
Indications – Irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, eczema, snake and insect bites, traumatic injury, diarrhoea, indigestion, urticaria and headache due to exogenous pathogenic factors.
Cautions – It is contraindicated in case of qi deficiency and blood dryness.

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