About me

…very very briefly.

Honestly, I hate talking about myself. But it’s a duty for a blogger to produce at least few words to this subject. I am from Prague and I have been studying (and I still kinda do, because it is lifespan matter) Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative to Western Medicine. 3000 years of tradition, a holistic approach and convincing results draw my attention and in 2007 I started to study at the First school of TCM in Prague. During the studies, I was more and more driven to TCM dietetics. Partly because of my two little kids and partly because cooking is my long-term passion. I like cooking different ethnic cuisines but I don’t avoid merging one tradition with another. On my blog, I would try to introduce you to some of my favourite recipes and look at them from the TCM point of view. I have no intention to write a textbook of Chinese medicine. It’s a too broad topic that goes beyond my abilities. Rather I would like to show you how sometimes a minimal change in used ingredients or the way of preparing a meal provides different therapeutic effect…

For the curious people:
Why Emo in the kitchen?

I was an ultimate Emo girl almost until my 30thies and because of my appearance, everyone seemed to think that my culinary skills end up with bread and butter.

For even more curious:

I’m green tea addict and I’m hopelessly in love with Japanese culture…