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    Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage & Liver Dumplings

    emointhekitchen The flagship menu prepared could certainly be, for example, a roast duck with cabbage and dumplings, and the festive Sunday lunch would probably be preceded by beef broth with liver dumplings. Now let’s break down both dishes ‘in Chinese” By roasting, the originally neutral duck gets a plus in nature, but the counterweight is  cabbage (or with an apple), for which nature does not change much by cooking. Wash the duck, salt it inside and stuff it with apples mixed with onions. Sprinkle with cumin. Pour a glass of water and bake. Bake for 2.5 hours at 175 ° C. This recipe for quickly cooked cabbage. Fry the finely…

  • Chicken Salad with Pomegranate
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    Chicken meat salad with pomegranate

    emointhekitchen As I mentioned in the section About me, I like different types of ethnic cuisine. Traditional recipes refer to the fact that our ancestors knew about healthy nutrition, life in harmony with nature and different seasons more than we do. In a way, I fell in love with Armenian cuisine. Armenia has been involuntarily and many times in history affected by many different nations and probably because of that its cuisine has assumed a lot of foreign elements. In the difficult times of Armenian history, it was also important to get out with simple ingredients. This led to great modesty and at the same time to extraordinary creativity. Although…

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    Chicken Thai Curry

    emointhekitchen To prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Please cough etiquette and wash your hands. As with measures against colds and seasonal flu, it is very important to carry out cough etiquette and hand washing for each person. If you have a cold, please refrain from going out, and if you have to go out, please wear a mask. Please stay home so that you can beat Corona-19. There are about as many recipes on curry in Thailand as for goulash or sirloin. On the Internet, you will find a lot of videos and recipes that will be different from mine. It is simply another variant that respects the availability…

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    Grilling variations of pork stuffed with leeks with summer bulgur in paprika+ zucchini dip with garlic, grilled tomato

    emointhekitchen The summer season is a time of plenty, beauty and joy. Yang reaches its maximum. Naturally, we spend most of our time outside.  We should pay attention to what is happening around us, to be more interested in our loved ones and friends. Preparing together and sitting in the open air at a table full of colourful tempting dishes will relax the atmosphere, relieve the heart and the reward will be an uplifted soul and joy spilt all over our bodies. Barbecue is part of summer, but in order to enjoy it in good health, it is important to choose from quality types of meat and fish, for which…

  • Garni Yarakh
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    Garni Yarakh

    emointhekitchen In summer, barbecue season occurs in many countries, which is not, according to Chinese Medicine, the most ideal way of preparing meat. It greatly strengthens the Yang element of the fire, and we, together with the food, only supply excess heat to the body, which we would rather get rid of on hot summer days. If we want to avoid unnecessary overheating, we should mainly grill vegetables of a cold or cooling nature. If we prepare meat in this way, we should consume it carefully and in combination with a salad of rocket, chicory or similar bitter leafy vegetables, which are refreshing and help to balance the hotness. The…

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    Stewed rabbit with spring vegetables

    emointhekitchen People often use the rabbit only for roasting or with sirloin sauce, so I mention another treatment that makes better use of the properties of meat. This recipe is suitable for people who are dry, sinewy, irritable or hot from emptiness. For people without problems, we can add green pepper and a little white wine. We need: abortion of rabbit meat with bone 1 onion salt green pepper 200 ml white wine rice semolina vegetables of your choice (radish, carrots, spinach,  peas) Procedure: In a deeper pot, quickly fry the roughly sliced onion, add portions of meat, salt, cover and simmer in our own juice almost until soft. When the…

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    Armenia Lahmacun

    emointhekitchen Think of Lahmacun, a distinctive Lahamajoun, like a super-thin crispy Turkish dough (or Armenian), complemented by a mixture of ground meat with peppers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and earthy spices.comes from the Arabic “lahma bi’ajeen”, which literally means “dough with meat”. Lahmacun has two different components. Dough and meat icing. Traditionally, Turkish lahmacun is made with minced lamb, but you can also use lean ground beef. What makes the topping special is the combination of flavours. In this lahmacun recipe, I use a food processor to create the topping. Ground lamb (or beef), mixed with sweet red peppers, shallots, garlic, tomato paste, fresh herbs, allspice, cumin, a dash of cinnamon,…

  • Indian Chicken Saag
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    Indian Chicken Saag

    emointhekitchen The myth that spinach is a huge reservoir of iron is very old. Already in 1870 a doctor. E. von Wolf published a study claiming that spinach has ten times more iron than other leafy vegetables. The true Spinach fever occurred in the thirties of the twentieth century and was caused by Popeye the sailor who owed spinach for his giant muscles. However, in 1937, German scientists came to the conclusion that spinach had only a tenth of the amount of iron originally assumed. E. von Wolf apparently caused this error by inadvertently moving the decimal point so that the spinach does not contain 30 mg of iron but…

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