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    Laba Festival

    emointhekitchen People have been celebrating the Laba Festival, also known as the Laba Rice Porridge Festival, for centuries in China. It falls on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, which usually falls in January or February of the Gregorian calendar. Besides eating Laba congee, the Laba Festival also involves various religious and cultural activities. Many visit temples and pagodas to pray for a bountiful harvest, good health, and prosperity. Some temples even hold special ceremonies and performances to commemorate the festival. People observe some traditional customs and traditions throughout the festival. People may decorate their homes with red lanterns and paper cut-outs to ward off…

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    Chinese New Year 2023

    emointhekitchen In 2023, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on Sunday, January 22. This holiday is always associated with the date of the new moon in China. China traditionally celebrates the Lunar New Year on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This new moon will occur this year on January 21st at 20:53 GMT. Due to time zone differences, it will happen on January 22 at 04:53 in China. Since Chinese time is the reference point for the Spring Festival, the world will celebrate the holiday on January 22. The Spring Festival is the most important of all traditional holidays in China. Other East Asian countries such as…

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    Instant alleviation of menstrual pain

    emointhekitchen Important notice in the beginning: Don’t use these recommendations if you are experiencing heavy bleeding during your period or if the pain worsens by heat. I had been suffering from dysmenorrhoea for years, ever since my periods started. I had a moment of rest after giving birth, but then everything started again. Conventional methods recommended by gynaecology (hormone therapy) are unacceptable to me for many reasons. When I started to study TCM in 2007, I suddenly spotted the light at the end of the tunnel. Things started to change. Although slowly. From the point of TCM the Liver, Penetrating Vessel and Directing Vessel are responsible for the physiology of…

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    The use of Chinese medicine in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

    emointhekitchen People who suffer from atopic dermatitis know it is a problem that cannot be essentially eliminated. It is an inflammatory skin disorder that manifests a reddish, very itchy skin that can be thickened, dry and scaly. When humidity is added to the internal hotness, affected areas of skin can weep. I want to share my experience because I know how eczema can make life harder. My husband is struggling with atopic eczema in the lower limbs since childhood. Acute symptoms we usually cope with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nevertheless, the patient’s condition varies rapidly depending on many factors. Among the important factors include stress, season, weather, etc. In acute cases…

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    Palm Wine Health Benefits

    emointhekitchen Until recently, palm wine was a complete novelty to me. I did private research, and I found out that in the African countries, palm wine is traditionally used to treat measles. If you are interested in the health benefits of this unusual wine, please follow the link below.

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    Wine in the Traditional Chinese Medicine

    emointhekitchen In many countries, is in the Christmas season people traditionally consume a mulled wine with fragrant spices. To make this article easier to read, you can prepare a cup of this warming beverage in the English style, according to Jamie Oliver. From the TCM point of view Wine is mentioned in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine for the treatment of meridian blockages, fainting and tinnitus. It harmonises blood and chi, it is a tonic for Yang and expels cold. Some Chinese medicinal remedies are more effective if taken along with alcohol instead of water. However, different types of wine have different effects. White wine represents the element of…

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    Winter From the Perspective of Chinese Medicine

    emointhekitchen From the Chinese Tradition, which deals with Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, we learn that the winter period is connected with the water element. In nature, we can observe how the space energy drops down, the leaves of the trees fell, and tree sap withdrew to the roots. Days are cold and nights long. People should reduce their activity and relax. Nowadays, artificial lighting significantly shortens long winter evenings. Yet we should sleep, relax and meditate even more and spend more time in the circle of our loved ones. It is important to protect the kidneys and the bladder (the organs of the water element) with warm…

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    Miniature Zen Garden as a Hypertension Therapy

    emointhekitchen Consequently, various disorders appear. They are the so-called psychosomatic disorders. Because the main reasons are psychologically related, many patients can not be cured by a conventional method. Chinese medicine as one of the holistic healing systems, emphasises a complex approach. Treatment of a particular problem involves not only the use of herbs, acupuncture, physical exercises and dietetics. Chinese medicine also uses art therapy and similar methods that can affect the free flow of chi in a positive way. There are two kinds of hypertension: essential and secondary. 90 per cent of all hypertension patients are of type I which is directly related to the living environment, psychological pressure etc.…

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    WordPress Feng Shui

    emointhekitchen The blog is just like a magazine or a book about content, but the blogger usually has to (at least initially) handle all editorial work and technical matters alone. Therefore, it can be very difficult to devote enough energy to quality content that is really what you care about. The same as at home or in the kitchen; if you have a lot of things you do not use, you are always looking for something and you have no peace of mind about what you really want to do. You get tired and your energy is scattering. If you cook with love for your loved ones in a pleasant…

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    The Ritual of Dao – Cosmetics Review

    emointhekitchen Aromatherapy from a TCM standpoint is, to some degree, unexplored territory. Unlike in Chinese herbology, where there is a general consensus on herb’s properties and the traditional formulas, the use of essential oils is wide open. When I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was surprising to me that there are just a few relevant sources on this topic out there. I started my own research in order to find out how to mix my own blends to reproduce the indications of traditional herbal formulas. I’m trying to follow all the principles of TCM, Yin Yang and the Five elements theory. However, I am still in the process…