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    emointhekitchen If you’ve never had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a warm, crispy falafel, then you are truly missing out. Picture this – a flavorful blend of chickpeas, herbs, and spices, formed into little patties and deep-fried to perfection. The result? A heavenly bite that is crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. Whether you enjoy your falafel stuffed inside warm pita bread, drizzled with tahini sauce and topped with crispy lettuce and tomatoes, or served alongside a refreshing side of hummus and tabbouleh, falafel is a versatile dish that never fails to bring a smile to your face. You will need: 1 cup…

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    Omelette in Basturma

    emointhekitchen Basturma is a traditional dried beef that’s been seasoned and cured with a mouthwatering blend of spices. It’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth! The process of making basturma involves marinating the beef in a mixture of garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, and other secret spices, before drying and ageing it for several weeks. The result is a tender, flavorful meat that’s perfect for snacking on its own or adding to sandwiches and salads. In Armenia, basturma is a beloved staple and an integral part of their culinary heritage. It’s often enjoyed with a side of fresh bread, cheese, and pickles. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be…

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    Kogomi (Fiddlehead fern)

    emointhekitchen 《本草纲目》:“蕨处处山中有之。二三月生芽,拳曲状如小儿拳。其茎嫩时采取,以灰汤煮去涎滑,晒干作蔬,味甘滑,亦可醋食。” “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “There are ferns everywhere in the mountains. Buds are born in February and March, and their fists are like children’s fists. The stems are taken when they are tender, boiled in ash soup to remove the saliva, and dried as vegetables. It tastes sweet and smooth, and can also be eaten with vinegar.” Li Shizhen said: (1518 -1593 – Ming dynasty) Fiddlehead fern (ostrich fern; Kogomi; Matteuccia struthiopteris; こごみ; 荚果蕨; Pérovník pštrosí) is collected throughout Japan and also in other Asian areas where it is considered a delicacy. It grows in moist areas from spring to early summer and is often eaten as a…

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    Vegetable Jelly

    emointhekitchen Vegetable jelly is a unique and tasty treat that is made by combining spinach juice and pea flour. It’s the perfect balance of healthy and delicious! Now, you might be wondering how this amazing creation came about. Well, in China, there is a long history of using vegetables in desserts. They believe in the concept of balance and incorporating wholesome ingredients into their meals and treats. So, vegetable jelly is just another example of their culinary creativity. You will need: pea flour spinach juice soy sauce sesame seeds, chilli sauce, olive oil, garlic Apple cider vinegar salt Procedure: Measure out 100 grams of pea flour. Add 200 grams of…

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    Sephardic Spinach Pie

    emointhekitchen Sephardic Jews Sephardic Jews are a group of Jews who have their origins in the Iberian Peninsula. They are also sometimes called Spanish and Portuguese Jews. Sephardic Jews have a long and rich history, and they have made significant contributions to Jewish culture and tradition. Sephardic Jews have a unique way of celebrating holidays and lifecycle events. Their customs are a blend of Jewish, Spanish, and Portuguese traditions. One of the most well-known Sephardic Jewish traditions is the Passover Seder. The Sephardic Passover Seder is often quite different from the Ashkenazi Passover Seder. Sephardic Jews are known for their delicious food. Susan Barocas is an award-winning writer, chef, cooking…

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    Radish pickles

    emointhekitchen Pickles, or pickled, fermented vegetables, are an ancient method of canning (not just vegetables). By salting and loading vegetables, the process of lactic fermentation begins, in which a number of beneficial substances for the intestinal microflora and immunity are created. Pickles are also a rich source of vitamin C. Our country has a long tradition of pickled sauerkraut, which brought our ancestors the necessary nutrients and vitamins during the long winter. We need: Bunch of radishes Ume vinegar Boiled and cooled water Procedure: These are the easiest pickles that you are sure to seduce. Cut the radishes as thinly as possible. Put them in a clean glass jar. Mix…

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    Sushi – Art of Transience

    emointhekitchen Sushi preparation includes unlimited creativity and a sense of pure aesthetics. Japanese culture is largely based on appreciating the beauty of transience. The sakura blooms only briefly. The sushi pleases the eye, and then we open our mouth and it is gone. Sushi originated as casual food served at food stalls in the Edo era. Chefs would brush soy sauce on top of the sushi they made and place them in front of customers. The customers would quickly eat it with their hands, then drink some tea, wipe their hands on the curtain, and depart the food stall. From ordinary street food, it has gradually become a form of…

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    Guacamole Super Easy

    emointhekitchen As stated in Wikipedia, guacamole is an avocado-based dip originally developed by Aztecs. The name comes from the ancient Nahuatl language and originally sounds āhuacamolli. Literally translated it means avocado concoction. Avocados aren’t linked to traditional Chinese cuisine, so getting them to Chinese households has been a gradual process. However, the Chinese are open to everything new. They eagerly accept and often adopt other cultures and customs without prejudice. Moreover, when it comes to food, which is a great Chinese passion, Chinese curiosity knows no limits. There are many variations of this spread but I usually keep this very simple and light version without onion, garlic or other ingredients. You…

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    emointhekitchen This Levantine dip is very simple to make.  Hummus can be found at almost any Middle East table. These days the popularity of this simple meal extends beyond its region of origin and it is enjoyed all over the world. During my study stay in Israel, I was surprised, at how much of this spread the locals are able to consume. The recipe below is traditional but you can also experiment with different flavours and different spices. Spices such as cumin, coriander seeds, sweet pepper, dried chilli or zaatar (this spice mixture is frequently used in Israeli and Palestinian cuisine) could be used. You may also stumble upon hummus…

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    Baba Ghanoush

    emointhekitchen Baba Ghanoush is a dish of mashed baked eggplant mixed with tahini (sesame paste), olive or sesame oil, and various kinds of spices. We can find slightly differing versions of this dish in the traditional cuisines of Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Armenia, Greece and even Iraq. We serve it either alone as a starter of pita bread, in Armenia with their traditional Lavash, or as a side dish to accompany various vegetables. This eggplant dip was one of the first dishes that I prepared for my husband. By then, his diet consisted of bread with mustard, sausages and other culinary specialities of a single man. It has been a few…