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    Potato soup with buckwheat

    emointhekitchen According to traditional Chinese medicine, winter is a period associated with the kidneys and bladder. That is why we include foods in the diet that support them, heat them and at the same time supplement qi, yang and blood. As for heat treatment, in general, the cooking time during the winter is long and we can afford more than ever baked and fried meals. Warm food 2x or 3x a day will support our immunity in this cold season. Then I was about to cook my first potato soup. Potato soup, this prototype of ordinary soup, this food that is bubbling on an old stove in a small cottage…

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    Brussels sprouts with brynza and walnuts

    emointhekitchen The theory of the five elements – “wood, fire, earth, metal and water” – is, like the yin-yang theory, an ancient philosophical concept used to explain the order and phenomena of the physical universe. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of the five elements is used to interpret the relationships between the physiological and pathological states of the human body and the natural environment. The five elements according to this theory are subject to constant movement and change, and their interdependence and mutual control explain the complex connection between material objects and the unity between the human body and the natural world. Fire: drought, heat, flare, rise, movement, etc.…

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    Chicken Thai Curry

    emointhekitchen To prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Please cough etiquette and wash your hands. As with measures against colds and seasonal flu, it is very important to carry out cough etiquette and hand washing for each person. If you have a cold, please refrain from going out, and if you have to go out, please wear a mask. Please stay home so that you can beat Corona-19. There are about as many recipes on curry in Thailand as for goulash or sirloin. On the Internet, you will find a lot of videos and recipes that will be different from mine. It is simply another variant that respects the availability…

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    Autumn breakfast

    emointhekitchen Although Chinese dietetics set recommendations rather than strict bans, it is clear that it is appropriate for our population to limit excessive amounts of white flour, dairy products, sweets and frequent frying. Many people still can’t imagine cooking and eating without these foods, and the first time they come across completely new flavours in the form of tofu, miso, breakfast, Job’s-tears. Recipes do not contain a large number of ingredients due to the freedom to adjust to the needs of the individual. Autumn In the autumn, it is advisable to expand the fluids of the lungs and close the pores against the cold with a slightly sour and tight…

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    Mushrooms – Part One

    emointhekitchen In China and Japan, some types of edible mushrooms have been used and worshipped for over 3,000 years. They are used both in medicine and in the kitchen for their extraordinary properties. In this post, I would like to mention at least three of them. I have chosen these particular mushrooms because they belong to my favourites and are available outside Asia in fresh or dried form for culinary purposes not just as Dietary Supplements. It is noteworthy that mushrooms, unlike most other ingredients commonly used in cooking, have strong effects. To me, they were always more medicine than food. In other words, it is always necessary to consider…

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    Chinese Medicine Treatment of Feline Leukaemia (FeLV)

    emointhekitchen I’m a cats lover and I would like to share a recent experience with you. It is said that cats have 9 lives. However, my good friend owns a tomcat named Loop who, unfortunately, suffers from feline leukaemia (FeLV). Although he is quite young (approx.5 years old), the prognosis is poor. Cat leukaemia infection (FeLV) is a virus that spreads among felines and has possibly deadly impacts. FeLV is transmitted between cats by close contact, via saliva and by sharing water or food. In the initial stage, the disease can only be diagnosed by blood tests. As it progresses, it may lead to neurologic disorders, kidney failure, arthritis and…