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    Autumn lotus root soup

    emointhekitchen The autumn hoarfrost ends (shuangjing, from October 23 to 24). The street roots of lotus flower glutinous rice began to be sold everywhere, and the sweet fragrance wafted far, far, even adding a touch of sweetness to the air… I also have a dream about China. Every time this season, I like to make glutinous rice root lotus at home and steam it. The cooked lotus root is soft and sticky and the rice is sweet. I feel warm and cosy whenever I take a sip of the soup. I’m going to enjoy them! You will need: glutinous rice lotus root red dates apple sugar Procedure: Wash the glutinous…

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    Autumn breakfast

    emointhekitchen Although Chinese dietetics set recommendations rather than strict bans, it is clear that it is appropriate for our population to limit excessive amounts of white flour, dairy products, sweets and frequent frying. Many people still can’t imagine cooking and eating without these foods, and the first time they come across completely new flavours in the form of tofu, miso, breakfast, and Job’s-tears. Recipes do not contain a large number of ingredients due to the freedom to adjust to the needs of the individual. Autumn In the autumn, it is advisable to expand the fluids of the lungs and close the pores against the cold with a slightly sour and…