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    Buckwheat with spring brynza and herbs

    emointhekitchen (unsuitable in case of damp shire, retan) After a long winter, perhaps everyone is looking forward to a warm spring. I am adding a few recipes for inspiration. In the spring, suitable foods are fresh, light, and juicy, so that we can sufficiently nourish the yin of the liver and kidneys, especially people such as wood – tendons, and weight loss. This will reduce the increase in the internal wind of the liver. Suitable are, for example, celery, celery tubers, anise, black sesame, quality oils, gooseberries, fresh spinach leaves, and artichokes. For types with yang xu, cold-blooded, exhausted after winter, and often cold, we still add naturally sweeter dishes…

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    Brussels sprouts with brynza and walnuts

    emointhekitchen The theory of the five elements – “wood, fire, earth, metal and water” – is, like the yin-yang theory, an ancient philosophical concept used to explain the order and phenomena of the physical universe. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of the five elements is used to interpret the relationships between the physiological and pathological states of the human body and the natural environment. The five elements according to this theory are subject to constant movement and change, and their interdependence and mutual control explain the complex connection between material objects and the unity between the human body and the natural world. Fire: drought, heat, flare, rise, movement, etc.…