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    Kogomi (Fiddlehead fern)

    emointhekitchen 《本草纲目》:“蕨处处山中有之。二三月生芽,拳曲状如小儿拳。其茎嫩时采取,以灰汤煮去涎滑,晒干作蔬,味甘滑,亦可醋食。” “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “There are ferns everywhere in the mountains. Buds are born in February and March, and their fists are like children’s fists. The stems are taken when they are tender, boiled in ash soup to remove the saliva, and dried as vegetables. It tastes sweet and smooth, and can also be eaten with vinegar.” Li Shizhen said: (1518 -1593 – Ming dynasty) Fiddlehead fern (ostrich fern; Kogomi; Matteuccia struthiopteris; こごみ; 荚果蕨; Pérovník pštrosí) is collected throughout Japan and also in other Asian areas where it is considered a delicacy. It grows in moist areas from spring to early summer and is often eaten as a…