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    Japanese tea ceremony matcha

    emointhekitchen The tea ceremony has been part of Japanese culture for as long as matcha. Today it is run as a hobby, but once the ceremony was part of Japanese etiquette. Tea is prepared according to precisely defined rules. Both the host and the guest must take precisely defined steps and movements. Even tea utensils have their prescribed place and order. A unique artistic performance The rules of the tea ceremony are demanding even for the Japanese themselves. If we were to compare the tea ceremony to something in our culture, it would be playing the violin – it takes a long time before we can properly appreciate this art.…

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    Instant alleviation of menstrual pain

    emointhekitchen Important notice in the beginning: Don’t use these recommendations if you are experiencing heavy bleeding during your period or if the pain worsens by heat. I had been suffering from dysmenorrhoea for years, ever since my periods started. I had a moment of rest after giving birth, but then everything started again. Conventional methods recommended by gynaecology (hormone therapy) are unacceptable to me for many reasons. When I started to study TCM in 2007, I suddenly spotted the light at the end of the tunnel. Things started to change. Although slowly. From the point of TCM the Liver, Penetrating Vessel and Directing Vessel are responsible for the physiology of…