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    Sweet vegetable soup with Job’s-tears

    emointhekitchen In the Chinese cycles of the seasons and the elements, Earth is often referred to as Indian Summer, or late summer, which is considered a time for slowing down and gathering in. The sweet taste enhances qi. However, this statement only applies to sweet and neutral, warm vegetables, all kinds of cereals, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, fats, nuts and seeds – in other words, it applies to all nutritious foods that have a delicate taste. All of these foods (although some relate to other organs) strengthen the qi of the spleen. Sweet moisturizes. This claim applies to cereals, root vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, fruit juices and sweeteners, such as…

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    Almond cream with Job’s tears and coffee grain

    emointhekitchen The compiled menu is designed to support the stomach and spleen, which is enhanced by the sweet taste, orange and yellow colour, and from food, especially Job’s tears, Hokkaido pumpkin, sage or roasted grain drink. The stated amount is for four people. We wish you good taste! Dessert (or morning porridge) Almond cream with Job’s tears and coffee grain You will need: 200g barley groats 200g Job’s tears Almond butter Rice malt or other vegetable syrup Almond slices Almond drink (or other cereal milk) Procedure: Pearls soaked overnight are boiled in triple water for 1.5 -2 hours with a few grains of salt. Strain while still warm after cooking…

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    The Ritual of Dao – Cosmetics Review

    emointhekitchen Aromatherapy from a TCM standpoint is, to some degree, unexplored territory. Unlike in Chinese herbology, where there is a general consensus on herb’s properties and the traditional formulas, the use of essential oils is wide open. When I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was surprising to me that there are just a few relevant sources on this topic out there. I started my own research in order to find out how to mix my own blends to reproduce the indications of traditional herbal formulas. I’m trying to follow all the principles of TCM, Yin Yang and the Five elements theory. However, I am still in the process…