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    Mushrooms – Part Two

    emointhekitchen Coriolus (Coriolus versicolor, Trametes versicolor, outkovka pestrá, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Chinese Yun Zhi (云芝), Japanese Kawaratake) is a wood-decaying mushroom, which belongs to the Polyporaceae. Coriolus grows throughout the entire year and can be found predominantly on the living wounded and dead stumps of deciduous trees in the mild climate belt of Asia, North America and Europe. Sporocarps of the fungus are fan-shaped, hence the English name, and they form clusters, which are roof-shaped. The cap itself has a diameter of about 2-8 cm and it has typical beige strips on brown or grey background, the surface of the cap velvety. Yun Zhi is a cloud-shaped fungus that grows…

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    Autumn breakfast

    emointhekitchen Although Chinese dietetics set recommendations rather than strict bans, it is clear that it is appropriate for our population to limit excessive amounts of white flour, dairy products, sweets and frequent frying. Many people still can’t imagine cooking and eating without these foods, and the first time they come across completely new flavours in the form of tofu, miso, breakfast, and Job’s-tears. Recipes do not contain a large number of ingredients due to the freedom to adjust to the needs of the individual. Autumn In the autumn, it is advisable to expand the fluids of the lungs and close the pores against the cold with a slightly sour and…

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    Mushrooms,  Treasures of Chinese Dietetics

    Mushrooms – Part One

    emointhekitchen In China and Japan, some types of edible mushrooms have been used and worshipped for over 3,000 years. They are used both in medicine and in the kitchen for their extraordinary properties. In this post, I would like to mention at least three of them. I have chosen these particular mushrooms because they belong to my favourites and are available outside Asia in fresh or dried form for culinary purposes not just as Dietary Supplements. It is noteworthy that mushrooms, unlike most other ingredients commonly used in cooking, have strong effects. To me, they were always more medicine than food. In other words, it is always necessary to consider…