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    Tomato soup

    emointhekitchen According to the theory of the five elements, the energy of wood rules the spring. We mainly take care of the liver and gallbladder. The energy of wood rises upwards, in all directions, ensuring the permeability of the organism. Rising qi, which takes the good and the bad with it, can manifest itself differently in our bodies. No wonder we often have a headache in the spring, heartburn burns, we have runny noses, and we are irritable. Either we beat the unpleasant manifestations of the rising energy of spring back with medication (for pain and to soothe) or we try to alleviate these manifestations by dietary rules. And accept…

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    Asian mom’s cabbage soup

    emointhekitchen There is indeed a mom who loves to cook for their children. Maybe you know your mommy’s recipe. So I now soup. I found it and I will write as it is. I do not follow this exactly. You will need: Asian cabbage soup: 500 g white cabbage 1-2 carrots 1/2 celery 1 leek 2 onions 300 g peeled tomatoes 1 yellow pepper 1 green pepper 1 hot pepper 1-2 cloves of garlic 1-2 sweet potatoes by size 1 dl of apple cider vinegar (more to taste) 1 bay leaf teaspoon of coriander pepper 1.5 litres of water and 2 cubes of vegetable broth I am freshly coriander in…

  • mungo_beans
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    Mungo Beans Hangover Soup

    emointhekitchen In China and Japan, this simple yet tasty soup is very popular and from time to time can be useful to everyone. Not only as a hangover remedy but it is also suitable for skin cleansing in case of acne or different types of rashes. Since this soup has cooling properties fits well into very hot summer days. You will need: 1/2 cup of dry mung beans, rinsed 1 tablespoon of pre-cut seaweed wakame 4 cups of water soy sauce with reduced sodium content according to taste or light miso paste Preparation: Mix beans, seaweed and water in a medium-sized pot. Bring to boil, pull the flame and slowly…

  • okra soup
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    Okra Soup

    emointhekitchen This soup, in my opinion, fits both summer and the Indian summer. Thanks to okra, tomatoes and eggplants this dish is quite cool in nature. You will need: 500g of beef 2 bigger potatoes 1 onion sliced on wheels 100 g of butter (or healthier olive oil) 3-4 tomatoes 1 large red pepper 100 g of okra 2 eggplants 100 g green beans coriander, basil, parsley, salt, pepper Rinse the meat, cut into cubes and put it into the large pot. Add about 1 litre of cold water and boil on a mild flame for about half an hour. In another pot sauté the onions with the knob of…

  • Spas - Armenian Yoghurt Soup
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    Spas (Armenian Yoghurt Soup)

    emointhekitchen Because of the significantly cold properties of yoghurt, this soup is particularly suited to hot summer weather. We can serve it cold as gazpacho or hot if you need to reduce its coldness. Also, the choice of the kind of broth affects the final properties of the food. If you choose a vegetable broth, it will have a cooler character than the chicken broth. Although wheat is more traditional in Armenian cuisine, if you suffer from weakened digestion, rice should be your first choice. Spas (Armenian Yoghurt Soup) You will need: 1/2 cup peeled wheat or rice 2 tablespoons flour 4 cups white greek type yoghurt 1 beaten egg…