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    Bean curry with aubergine

    emointhekitchen Legumes are a wonderful thing! And beans in particular:) Aubergine is a popular Mediterranean vegetable, which we have long since adopted as our own. It has a delicate neutral taste and a mushroom-like structure, the flesh is fleshy and absorbs other flavours well, which is why it is often used in vegetarian dishes. And you can conjure really wonderful goodies from them… We need: 1 white bean 400 g peeled tomatoes 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic aubergine cumin garam masala coconut milk lemon juice fresh coriander(spinach, basil, parsley…) Procedure: Finely chop the onion and slowly fry it in a pan in oil. Add a teaspoon of cumin to…

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    Curry made of red lentils

    emointhekitchen This exotic recipe, full of fragrant spices, is a good example of how to prepare legumes in an interesting and tasty way. This is what one of them might look like. You can be creative and use any seasonal vegetable. I love dishes that are simple and require little work. One of them is this lentil curry, which basically cooks itself. Just throw all the ingredients into one pan and look forward to the result. Warm curry is an ideal dish for winter sleet. You will be happy to cook food full of flavours and aromas that is really easy to prepare. You will need: 3/4 cup red lentils…

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    Carrot & Raisin Salad

    emointhekitchen This time I would like to introduce you to an ordinary carrot popular on business trips. Once you make it, you can eat it little by little every day. Carrots are a strong ally of women and modern people. The main thing is said to be medicinal, healthy in the gastrointestinal tract, hydrates and hydrates the body. It is a food that women want to eat every day, not to mention those who have symptoms such as dry skin, anaemia, dizziness and insomnia. It is ideal for people who tend to use their eyes excessively, so please follow the recipe. We need: (for about 2 people) 1 large (or…

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    Buddha’s Rice Soup (“Buddha jumps over a wall”)

    emointhekitchen “Buddha jumps over a wall” is a dish that dates back several centuries to the Qing Dynasty. The origin of the name is said to be: “Even a monk jumps over the temple wall because of the delicious smell.” When you smell this scent, even a monk (or a Buddha image that should not move), who is required by law to eat only vegetarian food. The scent spread to an adjacent Buddhist monastery, where the monks meditated. Although the monks may not eat vegetarian food, one of the monks is tempted to jump over the wall. The food name is an allusion to the dish’s ability to entice the…

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    Apple strudel with Goji berry

    emointhekitchen Autumn is ruled by the element metal, which represents a common sense in the field of human qualities, a sense of justice and a sense of the essential. The dominating emotions of this time are sorrow, grief, and melancholy. Now, the harvest is in, the temperature drops and the leaves begin to turn from green to yellow, red, and orange. It is time to draw our energy in and to let go of anything that no longer benefits us. This could be old perspectives, negative emotional reactions, and material things that no longer help us to achieve our greater purpose, which is unique to each and every one of…

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    Sweet vegetable soup with Job’s-tears

    emointhekitchen In the Chinese cycles of the seasons and the elements, Earth is often referred to as Indian Summer, or late summer, which is considered a time for slowing down and gathering in. The sweet taste enhances qi. However, this statement only applies to sweet and neutral, warm vegetables, all kinds of cereals, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, fats, nuts and seeds – in other words, it applies to all nutritious foods that have a delicate taste. All of these foods (although some relate to other organs) strengthen the qi of the spleen. Sweet moisturizes. This claim applies to cereals, root vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, fruit juices and sweeteners, such as…

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    Chickpea soup for the dojo period

    emointhekitchen Summer, with plenty of mushrooms and forest fruits, alternates with colder foggy mornings with lots of morning dew and ubiquitous glittering cobwebs. Nature is beautifully coloured golden, many fruits and vegetables ripen, the country is beginning to prepare for the energy of autumn. We have an old summer here, the symbol of which could be a Hokkaido pumpkin – round, like the energy of late summer, orange-yellow, sweet and harmonizing and very beneficial for our health during this period. We need: Pre-soaked chickpeas, Satureja (If you have your own from the garden, use the whole easy to remove before mixing), natural rice (or long grain rice), 2 potatoes, a…

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    Strawberry custard dessert or a light snack

    emointhekitchen (for the pleasure of the taste of summer and juicy fruit, for children) Strawberry fruit jelly is an excellent eggless dessert, especially on vacation. This delicious dessert is not only healthy but also requires very little cooking time and does not contain any fancy ingredients. You can easily do this in advance, cool and serve. We need: barley or wheat couscous, almonds, cereal milk, starch, strawberries (or other fresh summer fruits), agar, dark cane sugar, (lemon balm, mint) Procedure: Prepare couscous according to the instructions and mix with peeled and crushed almonds in a ratio of 3 parts couscous for 1 part almonds. Stack some of the fresh fruit…

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    Trout with steamed vegetables and coloured rice

    emointhekitchen Trout as a predatory freshwater fish is also suitable in summer. The warm weather “steals” qi from us, and if fatigue is combined with anorexia and weakened digestion, it is just easily digestible white meat suitable for strengthening the energy of the centre. Of course, it also depends on the appropriate preparation in steam or quick treatment of skinless flights using delicate vegetables and herbs. For healthy individuals, trout beautifully balances side dishes of raw salads, which you use with caution. We need: fresh trout, lemon, rosemary, salt, carrots, zucchini, leeks, onions, coloured rice, coriander stem, cumin, oil, butter. Procedure: You fly the cooked trout, you can use the…

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    Armenian Ishli Kufta

    emointhekitchen In Armenian cuisine, there are several types of kufta – “Kari kufta”, “Kyavari kufta”, “Etchmiadzin kufta”. In the past, “Ishli Kufta” was mainly made by Armenians returning from Turkey. Currently, this dish is very popular in Armenia. It is prepared for almost all holidays. Try it and it’s very delicious. You will need: 500 g of beef, ground meat onion sesame oil ground black pepper cayenne cumin powder curry powder garlic powder paprika dried greens, basil, dill, parsley, cilantro salt 400 g of beef, ground meat finely grind bulgur ( #1 grind) one cup of hot water tomato paste red pepper paste salt cumin powder curry powder Procedure: In…

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