Poppy Balls
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Poppy Balls

Unbaked desserts are a healthy alternative to sweet snacks. Especially in summer, we should avoid baking in the oven, which is more suitable for colder weather.

You will need:

millet and ground poppy seed (the amount by the number of people)
raisins or Goji
cane sugar or maple syrup (I sometimes use other types of syrups, such as date syrup or wheat syrup)
shredded coconut or sesame seeds, you can also try chopped walnuts
Alternatively, you will also need a plum jam.

Mix millet with ground poppy seed in a one-to-one ratio. Add water (use a 3 to 1 water to millet-poppy mixture ratio) and cook together with raisins or Goji and a pinch of salt for about 40 minutes. You can sweeten the warm mixture according to taste with maple syrup or cane sugar. Then shape the balls and coat them in coconut shreds or sesame seeds. You can also try to cook the poppy separately and then mix it with cooked millet and plum jam.
Poppy contains about twelve times more calcium than milk and is also more digestible. It is also a great source of iron.

In terms of Chinese Medicine, the millet is cool in nature and has a sweet taste. It is a diuretic, strengthens the spleen, kidneys and stomach, and contains a large amount of silicon. It is recommended for pregnant women to prevent miscarriage and is also used for digestive disorders, diabetes and vomiting. However, a large amount of millet is not suitable for people with a tendency to chronic watery diarrhoea.

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