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Mungo Beans Hangover Soup

In China and Japan, this simple yet tasty soup is very popular and from time to time can be useful to everyone. Not only as a hangover remedy but it is also suitable for skin cleansing in case of acne or different types of rashes. Since this soup has cooling properties fits well into very hot summer days.

You will need:

1/2 cup of dry mung beans, rinsed
1 tablespoon of pre-cut seaweed wakame
4 cups of water
soy sauce with reduced sodium content according to taste or light miso paste


Mix beans, seaweed and water in a medium-sized pot. Bring to a  boil, pull the flame and slowly cook for about an hour under the lid. Season with soy sauce. If you decide to use the miso, take a few tablespoons of broth before serving and mix it separately in a bowl with miso paste so that no lumps remain. Then slowly pour the mixture into the soup. If you then reheat the soup, make sure it does not boil. Miso, if boiled, loses its taste and healing effects.


The basic miso is a paste of fermented soybeans with salt (optionally with rice or barley etc.) It is an inherent part of the Japanese diet. It is used for the prevention of cancer, colds, in convalescence after long-term illnesses. Miso harmonises and helps digestion.

Mungo beans

Mungo beans are cold in nature and sweet in taste. They benefit the stomach and the liver, reduce swelling and cleanse the hotness in the body. Used for food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhoea, burns, lead or pesticide poisoning, sunburn or conjunctivitis, detoxification and treatment of alcoholism. They also help with high blood pressure. However, if any kind of cold is present in the body, use these beans carefully.
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Properties of Chinese medicine can be found here in Mung bean soup.

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