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Stewed rabbit with spring vegetables

People often use the rabbit only for roasting or with sirloin sauce, so I mention another treatment that makes better use of the properties of meat. This recipe is suitable for people who are dry, sinewy, irritable or hot from emptiness. For people without problems, we can add green pepper and a little white wine.

We need:

abortion of rabbit meat with bone
1 onion
green pepper
200 ml white wine
rice semolina
vegetables of your choice (radish, carrots, spinach,  peas)


In a deeper pot, quickly fry the roughly sliced onion, add portions of meat, salt, cover and simmer in our own juice almost until soft. When the liquid boils, cover with a little boiling water. (If our health allows it, we can add green pepper, white wine until the end of cooking.) We clean the selected vegetables (radish, carrots, spinach,  peas) and add them to the meat at the end. Concentrate the juice from the meat with semolina mixed in cold water and cook. As a side dish we choose from variants – rice, spelled, potatoes mixed with boiled egg and herbs, lettuce with a sprout

Analysis according to TCM:

Rabbit meat – cool nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, stomach, large intestine. Effects:  strengthens the middle radiator, replenishes qi and blood, stops thirst, cools the blood.

Onions – warm nature, sharp and bitter taste (cooking sweets), tropism – lungs, stomach, large intestine. Effects: strengthens yang, transforms mucus, supports intestinal qi.

Green pepper – hot nature, hot taste, tropism – stomach, lungs, large intestine. Effects: warms yang, stirs qi.

Spinach – cool nature, sweet taste, tropism – large intestine, stomach, liver. Effects: moisturizes drought, gives birth to fluids, replenishes the liver, promotes eyesight.

Peas – neutral in nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, stomach. Effects: strengthens the spleen and stomach, nourishes fluids, stops thirst.

Carrots – neutral in nature, sweet taste, tropism – spleen, liver, lungs. Effects: replenishes the liver, improve eyesight, digests food, strengthens the spleen, stops coughing.

Radish – cool nature, burning taste, tropism – lungs, stomach. Effects: moisturizes the lungs, transforms mucus, cleanses heat, replenishes fluids, digests food.

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