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Potato soup with buckwheat

According to traditional Chinese medicine, winter is a period associated with the kidneys and bladder. That is why we include foods in the diet that support them, heat them and at the same time supplement qi, yang and blood. As for heat treatment, in general, the cooking time during the winter is long and we can afford more than ever baked and fried meals. Warm food 2x or 3x a day will support our immunity in this cold season.

Then I was about to cook my first potato soup.
Potato soup, this prototype of ordinary soup, this food that is bubbling on an old stove in a small cottage under the forest

We need:

1 larger carrot
1 small parsley root
½ smaller celery
1 onion
2 tablespoons ghee or butter
1 potato
a piece of fresh ginger
a handful of dried mushrooms
80-100g buckwheat flake
pinch of salt
a teaspoon of crushed cumin
spoons of marjoram
1 – 2 cloves of garlic (may not be)
1 tablespoon miso (rice paste)
1 l water
2 slices of bread (preferably rye sourdough)
3 tablespoons sesame


Heat the ghee in a pot with a strong bottom.
You fry the diced onion on it. When glassy, ​​add chopped root vegetables or grated on a coarse grater. Fry with a pinch of salt and cumin.
Pour hot water, add diced potatoes, mushrooms and sprinkle with buckwheat.
Cook for 15 minutes.
Add garlic and marjoram, grated ginger and turn off the heat. Add the miso – stir then stir in a cup with a little hot water or soup broth. Pour into the soup and let the flavour mix for another 5 minutes under the lid.
In a pan with warmed oil, fry the croutons of sliced ​​sourdough bread and add to each plate of soup.

Buckwheat – Sweet, cool; spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians entered.
Tropism – Whet the appetite, soothe the intestines, remove food stagnation and arrest diarrhoea.
Effects – Chronic diarrhoea, food-denying dysentery, burns and scalds, stagnation in stomach and intestines.

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