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Radish pickles

Pickles, or pickled, fermented vegetables, are an ancient method of canning (not just vegetables). By salting and loading vegetables, the process of lactic fermentation begins, in which a number of beneficial substances for the intestinal microflora and immunity are created. Pickles are also a rich source of vitamin C. Our country has a long tradition of pickled sauerkraut, which brought our ancestors the necessary nutrients and vitamins during the long winter.

We need:

Bunch of radishes
Ume vinegar
Boiled and cooled water


These are the easiest pickles that you are sure to seduce.
Cut the radishes as thinly as possible. Put them in a clean glass jar. Mix 4/5 boiled chilled water and 1/5 ume vinegar and pour the radishes about halfway down the glass.
It is important to load the radish slices so that they do not float to the surface. For this, a glass with a slightly smaller diameter than the neck of the jar will suffice. Fill it with water to make it heavy and press the radish to the bottom. Sometimes sliced carrots will help. Fold the slices over the radishes to prevent leaching, then load them with a glass of water.
Leave on the kitchen counter at room temperature for 3-5 days covered with a cloth. Check that the vegetables do not float, they could start to mould.
After 3-5 days, put a glass of pickles in the fridge and you can add a few slices to each meal. If you are impatient, just cut it into thin slices, drizzle Ume vinegar directly, grind and load it in a bowl for a few hours. The petals turn beautifully pink and are a pleasure for taste and eye.

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