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    Layered pancake salad

    emointhekitchen Armenia, a small country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, is home to some of the most delicious food you will ever taste. One of their most popular dishes is the layered meat and egg pancake. This dish is made with a thin dough that is filled with ground meat, eggs, and vegetables, then fried or baked. The pancake is a perfect example of Armenian cuisine – it is healthy, hearty, and absolutely delicious. If you ever have the chance to visit Armenia, be sure to try this dish. You won’t be disappointed. You will need: four pancakes 200 g of ground beef 2 onions a cup of water…

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    Armenian Easter rice with dried fruit

    emointhekitchen Since ancient times, Armenians have prepared a unique sweet pilaf for Easter. This name for the dish is very symbolic because Ararat is the symbol of Armenia. And the fact that in the last century, after the peace treaty between Armenia and the Republic of Turkey, Ararat remained on Turkish territory, became a tragedy for Armenians. Armenian Easter is a time of traditions, family and delicious food. One of the most popular Easter dishes is rice with dried fruit. This dish is usually made with apricots, raisins and prunes, but you can use any type of dried fruit you like. Rice is first cooked with butter, then dried fruit…

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    Armenian quiche called Manti

    emointhekitchen Manti, also known as steamed dumplings, is a traditional dish in many cultures of Armenia and Turkey. The word “manti” comes from the Turkish word for “hand,” since these dumplings are typically made by hand. Manti can be made with various fillings, but the most common filling is minced lamb, beef or vegetables. The filling is wrapped in dough, which is then steamed. Manti is typically served with yoghurt, dipping sauces, and/or vegetables. If you’re looking for a delicious and hearty dish, Manti is a great option. It’s perfect for a meal, and it’s sure to please everyone at the table. I make traditional Manti with minced meat filling…

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    Vegetarian Tolma from vine leaves

    emointhekitchen Today I prepared and presented to you the way of making tolma. For the first time, as historians assure, the recipe for tolmu was published already in the 100th century. Today, many people consider tolma their national food, from North Africans to Southern and Eastern Europeans as well as the Middle East. Tolm’s original recipe may seem complicated at first glance. Usually, this illusion is caused by the number of ingredients used. UNESCO has decided that tolma is an intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. You will need: vine leaves – canned 400 ready-made  (Chinese cabbage, red or white) 1 cup rice 1 tomato, fresh mint, fresh coriander, 1 onion,…

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    Armenian Ishli Kufta

    emointhekitchen In Armenian cuisine, there are several types of kufta – “Kari kufta”, “Kyavari kufta”, “Etchmiadzin kufta”. In the past, “Ishli Kufta” was mainly made by Armenians returning from Turkey. Currently, this dish is very popular in Armenia. It is prepared for almost all holidays. Try it and it’s very delicious. You will need: 500 g of beef, ground meat onion sesame oil ground black pepper cayenne cumin powder curry powder garlic powder paprika dried greens, basil, dill, parsley, cilantro salt 400 g of beef, ground meat finely grind bulgur ( #1 grind) one cup of hot water tomato paste red pepper paste salt cumin powder curry powder Procedure: In…

  • Chicken Salad with Pomegranate
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    Chicken meat salad with pomegranate

    emointhekitchen As I mentioned in the section About me, I like different types of ethnic cuisine. Traditional recipes refer to the fact that our ancestors knew about healthy nutrition, life in harmony with nature and different seasons more than we do. In a way, I fell in love with Armenian cuisine. Armenia has been involuntarily and many times in history affected by many different nations and probably because of that its cuisine has assumed a lot of foreign elements. In the difficult times of Armenian history, it was also important to get out with simple ingredients. This led to great modesty and at the same time extraordinary creativity. Although this…

  • Garni Yarakh
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    Garni Yarakh

    emointhekitchen In summer, barbecue season occurs in many countries, which is not, according to Chinese Medicine, the most ideal way of preparing meat. It greatly strengthens the Yang element of the fire, and we, together with the food, only supply excess heat to the body, which we would rather get rid of on hot summer days. If we want to avoid unnecessary overheating, we should mainly grill vegetables of a cold or cooling nature. If we prepare meat in this way, we should consume it carefully and in combination with a salad of rocket, chicory or similar bitter leafy vegetables, which are refreshing and help to balance the hotness. The…

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    Armenia Lahmacun

    emointhekitchen Think of Lahmacun, a distinctive Lahamajoun, like a super-thin crispy Turkish dough (or Armenian), complemented by a mixture of ground meat with peppers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and earthy spices. Comes from the Arabic “lahma bi’ajeen”, which literally means “dough with meat”. Lahmacun has two different components. Dough and meat icing. Traditionally, Turkish lahmacun is made with minced lamb, but you can also use lean ground beef. What makes the topping special is the combination of flavours. In this lahmacun recipe, I use a food processor to create the topping. Ground lamb (or beef), mixed with sweet red peppers, shallots, garlic, tomato paste, fresh herbs, allspice, cumin, a dash of…

  • Armenian borsch
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    Armenian Borsch

    emointhekitchen Borsch is usually beet-root based a slightly sour soup popular in Eastern European cuisines. There is an awful lot of ways to cook it. Recipes differ considerably from one another. In every country, borsch is a bit different. Some countries even have several variants of this soup. Here I am mentioning one of the Armenian recipes, which in my opinion is of the most balanced composition. I will not deal with individual ingredients as in most of my other recipes, because this soup is simply an example of combining different kinds of vegetables and meat into one harmonic whole. According to the traditional Chinese medicine approach, I would say that this soup…

  • Beet-root Salad
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    Beetroot Salad

    emointhekitchen Honestly, like a child, but in fact until my twenty-five, I hated red beet from the bottom of my heart. I had it connected to the school canteen. It was always cooked, diced and marinated in a kind of odd salty-sweet and sour marinade. I always felt like I was forced to eat clay…Fortunately, these reminiscences have disappeared over time. You will need: 1 large beet (cooked or raw according to taste) 50 g of walnuts (pre-soaked, chopped) approx. 200 g sour cream (or Greek-type yoghurt) salt, pepper, parsley Grate the beetroot coarsely, add chopped nuts, salt, pepper, parsley, and sour cream and mix gently. Serve garnished for example…