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    Khinkali (caucasian dumpling)

    emointhekitchen The Caucasus is a region that includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and parts of Russia. Khinkali, the delectable Caucasian dumpling, is a culinary delight that is sure to bring joy and satisfaction. These dumplings are a delicious example of Caucasus cuisine. But what truly sets Khinkali apart is the unique way people eat it. Traditionally, you hold the dumpling by its topknot and take a small bite out of the side. As you savour the flavours of the filling, they release the juicy broth inside, creating an explosion of taste in your mouth. In the Caucasus, it is widespread etiquette to use only bare hands when eating these dumplings. Using…

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    Chinese New Year Vegetable Dumplings

    emointhekitchen During the Spring Festival, almost every family will eat dumplings that are shaped like ingots, which means “attract wealth”. Judging by ancient customs, dumplings are a dish eaten after New Year’s sacrifices. Dumplings are one of the traditional dishes. In the old days, there were only wontons. Later, wontons were made into a crescent shape to become dumplings. The custom of eating dumplings spread to remote areas of the country during the Tang Dynasty (618–690, 705–907). Chinese culture is vast and deep, and folk customs also have their characteristics. Some people eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve, some people eat dumplings on the first day of the new year,…

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    Cauliflower soup with fennel, dill and cereal dumplings

    emointhekitchen Dietetics, but the whole teaching of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the constant balancing of the opposing forces of yin and yang and the effort to restore their balance when there are no extreme fluctuations leading to disease. Food, as one of the strongest everyday influences on our body and mind, should also not have a distinct effect in either direction. Raw food is one of the extremes, especially if it is consumed all year round. At the opposite pole are long baking and drying of food. According to the TCM, each food and method of preparation affects the mechanism of qi flow in our body. Cauliflower soup…